Submit your Yearbook photos!

We Need Your Help!

As we continue with Distance Learning and virtual events, we will need your photos for the yearbook.

We are calling upon parents to be our "in the field" photographers so we can fill our yearbook with Wolf Pack Pride!

As events occur, such as Spirit Days, etc., we ask that you:

  • When using your phone, DO NOT zoom in when taking your photo, it diminishes the quality of the picture
  • Submit ONLY ONE photo per event - group picture of siblings
  • Submit photos before the deadline
  • Go to: YBLIVE.NET
  • Select: PHOTO POST
  • Find WCA through STATE/CITY search
  • You will need to LOGIN or SIGN UP
  • Select appropriate folder for the event; DO NOT create your own folder (doing so will decrease the possibility that your photo will be included in the yearbook)
  • Click UPLOAD
  • Click ADD FILES and upload your photo
  • Once it is uploaded a window will pop up that’s says COMPLETE and will ask if you want to upload more photos. Click NO. Then you are done and may LOG OUT.
  • IMPORTANT! You do not need to preview photos or add names - doing so sometimes causes system to freeze!

Thank you for your help!