Women in History Week

Mon - Fri, March 14 - 18, 2016

You may have read about these amazing ladies in the history books, maybe you have researched them yourselves! WCA PTA is excited to welcome to West Creek Academy some fantastic historical women who will be visiting our campus and sharing their stories with our students. These ladies want to thank you for the invitation to visit West Creek and look forward to sharing their lives with you:

  • The sensational Josephine Baker (portrayed by Nicole Owens)
  • The controversial Eva Péron (portrayed by Patricia Flores)
  • The powerful Sophie Kurys (portrayed by Paige Tull)
  • The creative Margaret Mitchell (portrayed by Tammy Gordon)
  • The feisty Ann Bancroft (portrayed by Claudia Anderson)
  • The humanitarian Eunice Kennedy Shriverfounder of Special Olympics (portrayed by Abi Bowling)

Questions? Please contact Renee White via the contact form to the right (choose Women in History from the pull-down). Thank you.

  • Learn more about Women in History Week
    Women in History Week is a celebration of important women. Several important female figures are chosen. Volunteers learn about the chosen women and ultimately portray the women. Dressed as these historical figures, the volunteers visit classrooms in character and teach the students about the impact these women have had on our lives today. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in a discussion with the women. This week is always a favorite activity of students, teachers, and volunteers.

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