WCA Talent Show - Under the Sea

Thursday, November 9, 2023 @ 5:00pm

Thursday, November 9th at 5pm

Shoot for the stars on November 9th, 2023! Whether you are singing, performing comedy, providing a skit, playing an instrument, or dancing, you are welcome to join this year's talent show. In order to make it an experience that is fun for participants and the audience, please see below for important dates and performance guidelines.


Friday, September 22: Interest and Release forms due

Tuesday, September 26-Wednesday, September 27: Auditions

October 17-19: Rehearsal Week 1

October 24-26: Rehearsal Week 2

Thursday, November 2: Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, November 9: Talent Show @ 5:00pm



1) Appropriate Content --- All music, lyrics, dance moves and costumes must be appropriate for TK-6 audience. If you have any questions about the content of the performance, please ask for approval before you start to practice. We don't want anyone to be disqualified. Please bring the lyric sheet to the audition.

2) Duplicate Songs --- Performers will not be able to duplicate songs that are being performed by others. The Producer reserves the right to request that a performer choose another appropriate song and re-audition. The first performer to return this Interest Form with their song selection will be allowed to perform that song in the show.

3) Vocal Track --- Vocalists are allowed to use tracks that have background vocal only. The principal vocal track must be removed to hear the performer.

4) Time Limit --- We want to give everyone the opportunity to perform, therefore, performance lengths are limited to the following times:
Solo Performers:     1 min
Group Performers:  1 min & 45 sec
5) Available Space --- All performances will be limited to the space available on the outside stage. An appropriate dance floor will be made available for the dress rehearsal and show. Thank you for being mindful of this limitation when choreographing routines.

6) One-Act Limit --- We anticipate many participants. For this reason, students may only audition for one act. A 6th grader, however, can be a MC as well as participate in an act. There is no guarantee your student will get the preferred act indicated on this form.

7) Best Behavior --- WCA’s high standards will be upheld at all times. All performers will be expected to be a good example to others during auditions, rehearsals and the show. We will have to excuse anyone who is disruptive from our show.
8) Auditions --- We will be holding closed auditions in the MPR after school. Parents will need to wait with their students in the lunch area until their audition time. All music, props, and/or costumes must be ready for these auditions. We will preview the acts at this time. Students will be asked to make changes to inappropriate content. If an act refuses to make the requested changes, they will not be allowed to participate in the show.
9) Rehearsals --- All participants must attend the rehearsals before the show. If a performer cannot attend scheduled rehearsals, please refrain from auditioning.
10) Music/Other Media --- Digital files must be emailed to or given to us on a USB Drive. Please make sure your name is clearly indicated.
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