Staff/Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Rainbow Snacks

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 ~ Deliver all items by 8:15 am

We are over the rainbow to have such wonderful teachers and staff.  We want to create snack table that has snacks that are the color of the rainbow!  Please keep in mind that when signing up for items below that the PACKAGING/CAN should be the designated color or the outside of the fruit (so like Oreos are in blue packages so that is a blue snack or banana is yellow peel so that is yellow fruit or boom chicka pop bags are purple so that is a purple snack).  Each sign up should cover about 12 people.  Please drop off donations by 8:15am on Wednesday morning!

Thank you for participating!

Sign up for items you wish to deliver here!



  • Learn more about Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
    Every spring, West Creek Academy families come together to celebrate and thank our teachers and staff. PTA plans activities throughout the week, and students show their appreciation for their teachers. Children are encouraged to share a special moment with their teachers and express gratitude for their hard work and dedication. We also honor all of the other hard-working staff members at West Creek Academy.

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