Benefit Saugus High School with WCA's Penny Wars 2019!

Monday, December 9 -
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Heads up, West Creek Wolves! From December 9-12, bring your spare change (bills work, too!) and help your grade win the 2019 Penny Wars for Charity! The Penny Wars tables with containers will be set up during recess near the entrance to the play yard. Help your grade win the The Penny Wars while making a world of difference!

Money from Penny Wars will be donated to SAUGUS HIGH SCHOOL**.

Tables with containers will be set out during recess near the entrance to the yard.

  • Each penny counts as one positive point for YOUR grade. Put PENNIES in YOUR GRADE'S container.
  • Each silver coin or bill counts as negative points for OTHER grades. Put nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills in OTHER TEAMS' containers.
  • We will count and tally points each day and make announcements throughout the week letting the students know which grades are leading. All change/points will be tallied, and the grade with the most points will win a special surprise!

Penny War Rules

1 penny = 1 point

Nickels = 5 points
Dimes = 10 points
Quarters = 25 points
$1 Bills = 100 points
$5 Bills = 500 points
$10 Bills= 1,000 points
$20 Bills = 2,000 points



**The William S. Hart Union High School District, in partnership with the Santa Clarita Valley Disaster Coalition, has established a fund to support the ongoing needs of the students, staff, and families of Saugus High School as a result of the tragic events that occurred on November 14th. This is the fund to which West Creek will donate the money that is raised from our 2019 Penny Wars.
The Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Santa Clarita California. The Coalition is an all-volunteer alliance of caring community leaders from the private and public sectors, including representatives from local government, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, and nonprofits.



  • Learn more about Helping Hands
    Helping Hands is a community service committee which strives to assist those in our school community and beyond. The committee plans several service-oriented events throughout the year and works to show our students how they can make a difference both close to home and across the world.

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