Art for the Sky

NEW DATE: Friday, December 19th ~ 9:10 - 10:10 AM

the-sky-horseDaniel Dancer, creator of 'Art For The Sky,' is bringing his vision to West Creek Academy! Check out his website to see what he's done with other schools, including North Park here in Valencia. West Creek students will be creating an art piece of a grand piano right on our very own field!

Would you like to donate items needed? Visit The Wolf Call's second issue -- the Gearing Up section -- for a list.

Please make sure, on this day, to have your child wear a black t-shirt, ensuring--and this is very important--that the back of the shirt is just plain black. You might want to consider sending in your child's black shirt (well-labeled, please) in a few days ahead of time, perhaps along with any extra black shirts you are willing to loan out for those kids who may not have one. From Mrs. Bett: Students can wear short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, and black dresses (it just needs black and to have nothing on the back). Students are encouraged to bring in their black shirt to the classroom before the date so that they can just put it over their clothing -- one less thing students will need to remember that day!

If you would like to help out during this day (and be a piece in our art), please let your child's teacher know! Ideally we need 3-4 volunteers for each classroom, and those volunteers will also need to wear black.


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