Wrapping up Box Tops

Box Tops end of year 2016Hello Families and Friends of the Box Tops for Education Program. The Ice Cream Party winner is Miss Cherritt’s class! Congratulations on their final winning tally of 1,337 Box Tops. They will have their class party this last week of school.

Thank you for contributing this year to the success of the 2015/2016 Box Tops for Education (BTFE) program. This year alone, West Creek Academy has crushed our initial goal of $1,200. When we raised the bar, we leaped over $1,500 too. We have been able to submit year to date for a total of $2,549.90. Our PTA has received $1,887.50 back from BTFE and was able to donate directly back to West Creek Academy specifically for technology purchases including computer software, accessories and hardware for the kids. The Ice Cream Party competition was strong and I am grateful to have been the BTFE Coordinator for one of the most successful fundraising programs at our school. Thank you for all that you do to help West Creek Academy students and support public education. Have a fantastic summer. -Jen Phelps
End of year class standings

Cherritt 1337
Griffiths 1162
Robinson 883
Mansfield 771
Iblings 769
Roberti 717
Hale 574
Peterson/Standing 554
Boron 532
Henry (Mrs.) 509
Shirley 486
Chapman 481
Fleming 459
Ostrander 452
Lindsay (Mrs.) 417
Nguyen 391
Kirk 385
Lee 385
Henry (Mr.) 374
Dominguez 357
Lindsay (Mr.) 354
Ramos 339
Hovis 333
Karzin 314
Messick 299
Border 287
Michelson 272
Shannon 266
Countryman 261
Clark 236
Garcia 151
Doing 96
Riggin 58

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