Get those Box Top$ in by May 31st!

Box Tops 2016-05-11To date this school year, West Creek PTA has received $1,887.50 from the BTFE Program! This money is committed for computer software and accessories for our school. As the classroom Ice Cream Party Contest comes to a close, please send in your collection sheets, envelopes and baggies to your classroom ASAP for contest credit. Which class will win? Remember to label with your teacher's name by May 31st to find out. Announcement coming soon!

How does your class rank in the submission standings (as of 5/11/16)?

Griffiths 805
Cherritt 776
Robinson 671
Hale 574
Iblings 571
Mansfield 529
Peterson / Standing 455
Shirley 409
Nguyen 387
Fleming 379
Chapman 370
Roberti 368
Kirk 323
Dominguez 313
Clemens (Lee) 311
Karzin 266
Henry (Mrs.) 263
Hovis 260
Ramos 258
Lindsay (Mrs.) 255
Messick 242
Countryman 236
Ostrander 236
Boron 230
Lindsay (Mr.) 218
Border 217
Michelson 215
Clark 158
Henry (Mr.) 145
Shannon 109
Doing 96
Riggins 58
Garcia 36

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