Let's slime Mr. Pak and Mrs. Bett!

Help us reach our Direct Donation goal! We are making one final push to encourage all families to get involved and donate. We are going for 100% participation.*
Here’s how it works:

1) If your class reaches 80% participation, the class will be rewarded with NO HOMEWORK for a week.
2) If the school reaches our monetary goal of $70k, WCA PTA will host a lunchtime dance party for the school where Mr. Pak and Mrs. Bett will get slimed!

You can donate online at https://westcreekpta.myschoolcentral.com/ (choose "2015-16 General Direct Donation") or fill out the form that was sent home and return to your teacher or the office.

Thank you for your participation in helping us reach our goal! Remember the funds are used to sustain many programs including Music, Art, Engineering and Technology.

*If you have already donated your participation has been accounted for.

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