Assemblies that inspire!

What a wonderful start to our school year! And a huge thanks to our PTA and your direct donations, as it makes these programs possible for our students!

We have already had several programs this school year, hopefully your student(s) have come home talking about them.

Our first assembly was on the Bucketfiller principle, a theme which will be carried throughout our school year. Be sure to ask about being a bucketfiller or the dreaded bucket-dipper.

Our second assembly was a demonstration and history of hip hop. Very energetic for the students, who got to move and groove!

Our third assembly was with the Story Pirates. They are an amazing group from Santa Monica who relate stories and acting and improv to our amazing kids. Students submitted stories to be considered as part of the assembly and we had several stories chosen that were very entertaining for our school to support. It's always fun to include Mr. Pak and a favorite teacher!

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