Morning Valet

Sign-up Genius links for each classroom to assist with morning Valet for the 2018-19 school year is posted below (more assigned times to come!). Please note that you are also more than welcome to volunteer during other weeks--we'll always be grateful for your assistance!

By assisting in the Morning Valet service, you are helping our students begin the day safely, and your smiles and greetings can really pick up our kids' spirit and make their day!

Our Morning Valet service supports all families and students, and it is a must-have program at West Creek Academy. We can all be a part of providing this service, and not just be at the receiving end. Similar to previous years' plans, The school administration and PTA are requesting that families assist with the Morning Valet service during this school year. If each West Creek family volunteers for even just two mornings, we can have at least two adults, in addition to our regular parent and sixth-grade volunteers, assisting students at the start of their school day.

Each class is assigned one week to volunteer during Morning Valet. Once your class time is posted, you can sign up for the entire week or just a day or two, depending on your availability.

Thank you!

The following classrooms' assigned weeks have passed -- Thank you to those who volunteered! (Please consider signing up at another link if your assigned week passed before you took advantage of the opportunity to volunteer.)
Mrs. Garcia (9/4/18 - 9/7/18), Mrs. Ramos (9/10/18 - 9/14/18), Mrs. Karzin (9/17/18 - 9/21/18), Mrs. Shannon (9/24/18 - 9/28/18), Ms. Norman (10/8/18 - 10/12/18), Mrs. Lee (10/15/18 - 10/19/18), Mrs. Rodriguez (10/22/18 - 10/26/18)


for Ms. Doing's class (10/29/18 - 11/2/18)

for Mrs. Boron's class (11/5/18 - 11/9/18)

for Mr. Henry's class (11/13/18 - 11/16/18)

for Mrs. Kirk's class (11/19/18 - 11/20/18)

for Mrs. Lindsay's class (11/26/18 - 11/30/18)