Parent University ~ Session #6

Thursday, April 30, 2020 ~ 8:20 AM

The topic for our last Parent University session is Drug Safety and Consequences with Bob Sharits from Way Out Recovery SCV Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Center.

His presentation Covers:

  • Current drug trends, what they are seeing in treatment
  • Behaviors that increase risk for substance use disorders such as alcohol, marijuana/cannabis, nicotine, vaping/e-cigs, etc.
  • Latest vaping stats
  • Dangers of vaping
  • Description of disruption to brain development/ "teaching the brain to be addicted
  • Solutions for parents, teens, and those wishing to quit

West Creek Academy is committed to communicating the school’s vision to work together with parents to guide your children’s health and learning. We created our Parent University to provide a variety of parent-only sessions that offer parenting support, increase communication with parents, support learning at home, and encourage parents to be part of collaborating with the school and the community. We hope to address some of the common challenges we all face as we navigate the elementary years and beyond.

*All sessions will be held in the MPR.

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